The amended Electronic Communications Act (Official Gazette of the RS No. 109/2012; hereinafter ZEKom-1), which came into force in the beginning of 2013, provided new rules regarding the use of cookies and similar technologies for storing information or accessing information stored on a user's computer or mobile device. Cookies are not something new, the act only affected the way users of a website gave consent and are informed about their use.

What is a Cookie?

Our website can store the s.c. cookie in the browser on your computer. Cookies are small text files which provide usage data on how many times an individual visits our site and what he or she is interested in during those visits. Cookies themselves contain no data which would enable personal identification, but if you provide that information yourself, for example during registration, they can be associated with the data stored in the cookie.

You always have the option to either accept or decline a cookie. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you are able to change the settings so that the computer declines the cookie or that a warning appears before the cookie is stored.

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Les cookies nous aident à faire fonctionner le site Web correctement et à offrir une meilleure expérience utilisateur. Pour en savoir plus, consultez la Politique de coookies.

Il s'agit des cookies nécessaires au fonctionnement. Sans ces cookies, vous ne pourrez pas utiliser notre site normalement et ne peut être désactivé qu'en modifiant les paramètres de votre navigateur Internet.

Il s'agit de cookies qui nous permettent de connaître l'utilisation et les performances de notre site, compris collecte et présentation d'informations sur l'utilisation.

Nous utilisons des cookies liés aux opérations relatives à la publicité pour améliorer la pertinence en tant que services publicitaires que vous recevez.